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Chemicals & pharmaeuticals

Chemicals & pharmaeuticals

Over the past decade, the chemistry and pharmacy sectors have undergone major changes at several levels. This is largely due to the globalization of production sites, the increasing number of international regulatory requirements, the growing importance of patents and trademarks, as well as the need for efficient communication between the various stakeholders in the medical and industrial world. This sensitive sector must be able to instantly respond to various government authorities concerns, for both public health and environmental preservation considerations.

EOWIN, thanks to a proven expertise of documentary processes in strict regulatory environments, supports companies of the sector, at the very heart of their business. We optimize and rationalize production workflows. We cover the aspects of sustainable development, while respecting information security and confidentiality.
EOWIN integrates easily with the value chain of your information processing with controlled services and integrated solutions.

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Our interdisciplinary teams rely on a strong experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Their provisions allow:

  •   The implementation of various tools to design:

manage and publish adapted and innovative contents, to provide you with an extremely good return on investments

  •   Technical writing of user manuals and installation procedures:

– From standard office tool suites or advanced xml editors
– For fixed or mobile equipment
– Making it possible to operate and maintain existing databases

  •   The optimization of information lifecycle processes
  •   An assistance to change management and team training
  •   Document and content management
  •   Digitization
  •   Archiving