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Over the last three decades, EOWIN has established itself as a leader in the field of content lifecycle management and as the partner of choice for many major French and European companies.

Each of our projects is first and foremost geared towards customer satisfaction and this is our basic premise. It is at the root of our key values below, which have been developed over the years and through our work with our customers and employees:

  • Our human-centric approach shapes our relations with both our customers and our employees, through supportive management 
  • We ensure transparency through clear communication and the use of appropriate procedures
  • We believe in trusting and empowering our employees, for whom data security and confidentiality are a priority
  • Our rigour and excellence spring from the dedication of our teams, whose expertise is our ‘zero defects’ guarantee. The technical skills that our activities require are our company’s core asset, and we encourage the development of new skills in order to foster new talent.
  • We are always looking to innovate, as part of our policy of continuous improvement. 
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EOWIN is a human-centric company, owned by a French shareholder. Over its 30-year history, it has drawn on the experience of the major groups that have helped it to develop, while retaining all the advantages of an SME. Working at EOWIN enables you to acquire autonomy and adaptability, to develop new skills and to access new opportunities for growth, and many of our roles are highly varied. 

We are currently recruiting in a range of sectors.

We care for our employees and welcome diversity, as well as different levels of education and experience. While we may sometimes require specific diplomas, we are also keen to recruit people with varying profiles who we feel will reach their full potential within our projects. EOWIN managers work closely with their teams to encourage skill learning and consolidation, and to support the development of new talent all the way to complete autonomy. 


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  • Developer
  • Consultant



  • Logistician
  • Codification engineer
  • CMMS engineer
  • Technical writer
  • Reviewer/editor



  • Digitization technician
  • Data entry operator


  • Documentation engineer
  • Documentalist
  • Assistant documentalist
  • Administrative assistant
  • Doc controller
  • Lead doc controller
  • Tech watch controler
  • Librarian
  • Document management technician


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